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The City of Houston overwhelmingly rejects concerning Bathroom Bill

On November 3rd, Houston, Texas overwhelmingly rejected the city's Proposition 1, which would have allowed any man or woman to use any bathroom based on a chosen "gender identity." The measure raised serious privacy concerns and threatened Houstonians with punishing fines for following their deeply held religious beliefs regarding sexuality.

Thanks to the support of people like you, our digital ad campaign was seen by nearly 300,000 Houston residents in weeks leading up the Election. Despite our side being vastly outspent, the Bathroom Bill was defeated 61% to 39%.

The entire nation watched in disbelief last year when the "Houston Five" pastors had their sermons and other private communications subpoenaed because they stood up to Mayor Parker’s radical proposal and petitioned for a right to vote on it.

Among other things, this ordinance would allow a biological male to enter the women's restrooms and other private areas if he identifies as a female. It would also criminalize small business owners like bakers, florists, musicians and others who decline to provide service to a same sex ceremony due to their faith or conscience convictions. Violators could have been fined as much as $5,000!

Thank you for your support and we hope to partner with you in the future as we continue to stand for faith, family, and freedom!

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